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Access the latest tech PR insights with Roxhill's Media Database, so you know exactly what tech journalists want to hear about and when.


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Behind every successful Tech PR, there is an accurate Media Database.

In Roxhill’s Media Database, our data is always up-to-date, which means you get access to the latest information from hundreds of technology writers. We update their details when they move, so you can stay on top of things and connect to the right people for your tech PR. 

Go beyond contact details with all-round tech journalist profiles

Review their latest articles, search specific topics they cover and read their backstories in our Media Database. Plus, watch tech interviews and webinars to help you understand what makes tech journalists say “Yes, I’m interested”. Our Media Database is designed to help you contact the right people and build rewarding relationships for your tech PR to excel.


Tech PR and Roxhill's Media Database

Be the first to find what makes tech journalists and writers tick with our daily alerts and social media feeds in our Media Database.

From FinTech to AI, from B2B tech to gaming, discover the trending topics and stories via our built-in live feeds.

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Discover who’s shaping the tech news landscape.  We’ve analysed the trends to put together a list of the top UK tech journalists covering everything from gaming and apps to Consumer Tech and FinTech.


Have you been scouring the internet for information on how to best pitch to the UK business desks? We’ve spoken to top editors from the UK business desks to glean all the information you need to ensure your pitches are hitting the mark.

Client reviews in the technology sector

Client review

I have used Roxhill for a number of years now and am extremely impressed with the platform. The customer service – fast, professional, and effective – is outstanding, and the highly usable, customisable interface makes it a must have resource for communications agencies and in-house comms teams of any kind. It really is an unrivalled service and one I would recommend without hesitation.

Client review

New to Roxhill, the team support has been great and I love easy access to insights on journalists' coverage, headlines, Twitter and Instagram. Its wide range of media, from local to international is also invaluable.

Client review

User friendly and extremely efficient tool for constructing media lists. But what makes the system shine is the super topic search and analysis which has been invaluable for us and in turn our clients. Personable and seamless customer service and great training.

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