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At Roxhill, we take great pride in our customer service. Our database is built with the intricacies of the PR world in mind, and every day we speak to our clients to make sure we are constantly improving and delivering the kind of information that helps them to be more accurate and efficient in their press releases, pitching, and their relationship-building efforts with journalists.

According to you, we really measure up to our competition

Rich Leigh of @RichLeighPR took to Twitter and asked who the best media database is these days, and you all had a lot to say.

We pride ourselves in knowing exactly what your pain points are when it comes to all parts of your job – not just your access to journalist contacts. That’s why we make sure that our PR tools cater to more than just providing you with accurate contact data.

Give Roxhill a go and see for yourself

A media database should make your life easier – not harder. Roxhill gives you insight, exclusive interviews, eBooks, events to hear from and meet key journalists, and innovative PR tools to help you get results.

Your media database service matters - so it's only natural you'd compare notes to decide who you should go with.

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