Pitch like a pro: your media outreach made easy with our cheat sheets

Getting media coverage is challenging in today’s fast-paced world. Journalists’ inboxes are overflowing with daily pitches, so standing out from the crowd is necessary. Knowing who, when, and how to pitch will help you to master the art of effective media pitching.

Read our 2-minute cheat sheets and learn how to:

  • Get your story covered in national newspapers
  • Be featured on TV breakfast news
  • Position your TV spokespeople for success

Download your cheat sheets and learn how to better pitch your story to the media.

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Two-minute pitch guide for the news sections of the national newspapers

Why do the news sections of the nationals' matter for PRs?

Influence ongoing issues. Whether you’re a spokesperson looking to comment on an issue or involved in a current rolling news story, make sure your side of the story is being heard.

Increase your visibility. With millions of readers, there’s really no comparison! The nationals are where you can get the highest reach.

Build on your trustworthiness. Featuring in the nationals guarantees you a level of authority and respect.

Two-minute pitch guide for the news sections of the national newspapers

3 reasons you want feature coverage in national newspapers

Think of that reach! With millions of potential readers, get your story in front of as many eyes as possible.

Impact trends and opinions. Whether you’re a spokesperson looking to comment on an issue or a brand with a great new product, a feature in the nationals gives you the chance to shape current trends.

Connect with a new audience. With such a wide readership, you’re likely to reach people you haven’t before.

Two-minute pitch guide for TV breakfast news coverage

Why should you aim for TV breakfast news coverage?

It’s breakfast news! What’s more coveted than UK breakfast news programmes? Features give you respect, reach and reliable influence.

Increase your exposure. With breakfast news programmes like BBC Breakfast reaching an average of 6.5 million viewers, getting featured can open doors.

Stay ahead of your competitors. Features on breakfast news gives you the edge. You become part of the conversation, setting the narrative for the day.

Helping public relations (PR) professionals and agencies in securing TV appearances for spokespeople representing their clients.

3 reasons to secure media appearances for spokespeople

Get your story told: Whether you’ve got a valuable take on a hot topic or want to get your side of a story told, your spokesperson is the key.

Never miss an opportunity. Become the media’s darling and top pick for programmes looking for comments on a specific subject.

Humanisation. Putting a face and a voice to your message increases trustworthiness, validity and allows your audience to connect more meaningfully.

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