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Roxhill's PR Academy

Your go-to resource page for junior PR training

Brush up on your basics, hear from seasoned professionals and learn some of the best tips and tricks of the trade. Learn to pitch, how to build a successful media list, and how to build life-long professional relationships with the journalists in your industry.

Roxhill's junior PR crash course

Roxhill Media is a tool that, used correctly, can help you to streamline the way you work and achieve greater results. For that reason, we are invested in making sure that our junior PR clients have all the information they need to get started. Watch the videos below to brush up on your PR basics with Emma Cripwell, our very own PR consultant who has been in the business for over 25 years.

What is public relations?
  • Think of PR as publicity – that is what you are trying to get your clients.
  • Your job is to try and get press coverage for your clients in the broadsheets, the magazines, and online.
  • These days, every title is digital-first. Keep that in mind when pitching your stories.
  • To get the publicity you’re after, you must liaise with journalists. Having positive and professional relationships with them is important.


Emma Cripwell

Consultant for Roxhill Media and Publicist for The Pig Hotels

Learn to use Roxhill to its full potential

Roxhill can help you to work faster and smarter. Visit our help page for a myriad of videos and PDF guides to help you discover how.



At Roxhill, we speak to top UK newspaper editors daily to glean as much as we can on how they like PRs to approach them. Now, we’ve compiled their best tips into eBook form for you.

Download more eBooks to expand your PR knowledge

Our free eBooks are great resources for any junior PR looking to learn the insider tips and tricks to landing that all-important coverage. Visit our eBooks page to browse the full range of free and client-exclusive (that’s you!) eBooks, available to you in a single click.


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